Features the activities of the financial broker

Brokers always act as intermediaries between individual persons irrespective of their form of ownership. They take on the responsibility to expedite a task,
help draw up the documents, including the goods when crossing the border. However, they charge for their services specific amount of money that is stipulated in the contract, which is signed after all the nuances. In such a contract must necessarily include the following items: object of the contract (what the broker should do). The cost of services. Responsibility of the parties to the contract, their rights.
┬áThe terms of the contract. Full banking and legal details of the parties. The service broker may order any person given the direction of activity. The cost can vary depending on the specific situation on the market and should definitely be fixed in the contract. Only in the case of legal advice or assistance in the sale or purchase of real estate the cost of the services of a broker remains fixed. Legal liability and the customer depending on the terms of the agreement and mediation services brokers bear administrative and criminal liability. Administrative limited to fines or cancellation of the license for the provision of brokerage services. Such liability is distributed to insurance brokers, brokers real estate or legal advisers. Criminal liability is often used in violation of customs laws or in the presence of fraud. Financial brokers Financial brokers mediate in the provision of financial services. They work on the stock exchanges, are engaged in the buying and selling of shares, securities, commodities and currencies. The best brokers in this field are companies, which trade on the stock market or in binary options. They offer a good environment for their clients, provide a trading platform and are ready to conduct trainings, training for everyone. What is “binary options brokers”? This term refers to those who are engaged in intermediary services in the field of binary options trading. This is a high-risk companies often do not have certificates or licenses. Brokers who have the necessary licenses to trade on the binary options market are very few, but they are considered the best.