Brokers – who is this? What does the broker?

Every person to some extent at least once used the services of a broker, often even not knowing about it. Because brokers today too firmly in modern life, their services have become incredibly popular. But not everyone knows who they are. Brokers are intermediaries between the client and a particular company or its representative, also they can work the “middle link” between certain individuals. Their work is regulated by several legislative acts. Now brokers holds a special place in the field of intermediary services, so many people turn to them for help, especially when you need to save time but not money. They always take a small percentage fee for their services.
As shown, the best brokers are individuals or legal entities, who provide large range of services at a low cost of operation and the operational timing of the order. The scope of activities of brokers depending on the economic activity of all the brokers can be divided into the following groups: Financial brokers are persons who engage in financial intermediary activities related to turnover of the funds. These include stock brokers (brokers), financial analysts, consulting companies and agencies. Non-financial brokers are persons who do not deal directly with processing of financial flows, but can contribute to the active use of financial resources. This group includes real estate brokers, customs brokers, law firms, analytical consulting group, other brokers. Form of ownership of brokers depending on the activities of intermediaries they may have a different form of ownership. The most common brokers are legal entities, mostly private enterprises or joint stock company who work on the common system of taxation.-