Debts on the loan

Leasing is a type of financial services, which implies a long-term lease of property for business purposes with a subsequent right of redemption. The leasing company (lessor) acquires specified by the client (the lessee) the property specified in the seller and transfers for payment for temporary possession and use.


Classic contract of financial rent (leasing) involves the transfer of ownership of the leased asset to the lessee after settlement of all liabilities. Currently use and scheme operational (operational) leasing, when at the end of the contract, the leased asset is either returned to the lessor and may be re-leased or bought back by the lessee at the residual value. The economic essence of this type of lease is close to rent.

Currently leasing is becoming more effective and popular tool of renewal of fixed assets in business, including at the expense of the parties to the transaction tax preferences. As a service, combining form of a lease and loan, leasing has a number of unique advantages that distinguish it from other types of investment activities.